Get involved

Do you believe in the work we do and do you want to be involved in any way? We will be very pleased if you do! We cannot do it alone. You can support us through prayer or by making a donation! And  we always welcome volunteers and other guests!


The most important way to support our work is by praying for us. Prayer is the foundation for everything we do. Therefore, we are always looking for people who want to pray with us and get involved this way. Are you someone who wants to support us this way? Then we would like to invite you to send an email to so we can keep you informed about our prayer requests.

Make a donation

Gulugufe is still dependent on donations in the startup phase. For this reason we are always welcoming people who want to support us in this period with a monthly or one-time gift!  Read more here….

Volunteer work

Invest in the people of Malawi and yourself by setting aside a period of time in your life as a volunteer! You are most welcome!