What we do

“From our Christian life view we equip people to reach their destiny and become self-sufficient “


Seeing the effects of poverty on people in the broadest sense of the word touches our hearts. It moves us and brings us into motion. Poverty is not just material, but also a mindset and way of thinking. Poverty decreases your sense of dignity and makes you believe you do not matter. Poverty robs you of your freedom and creativity. It quenches your faith, hope and dreams for a better future. Driven by God’s love and compassion for the people we want to fight poverty together with other individuals and organizations.

Our target group

Everyone is welcome at Gulugufe to follow our programs, young and old, from all over Malawi!

Our activities

We focus on the following areas:


We provide support and coaching to people in realizing their unique calling. By working closely with them we want to help them to develop themselves and to look beyond their own limits, so they can develop their gifts and talents and discover their destiny. We do this by …. (Read more)

Sustainable self-sufficiency

We assist people to become more self-sufficient in areas such as food, energy, shelter and other material and non-material needs. All this will be done in an ecological friendly and sustainable way, which means that we care for creation and not exploiting it. We also encourage people to …. (Read more)