About us

“Every person is valuable and loved and deserves a hopeful future without poverty”


Gulugufe means butterfly in Chichewa, the local language. And just like a caterpillar eventually undergoes the wondrous metamorphosis into a beautiful butterfly we also want to see this metamorphosis in the life of every human being.

We want to welcome, help and love every person regardless of religion, race or background. The following core values are very important for us:

Jesus at the center and honoring Him

In everything we do we want to put Jesus at the center! We want to follow Him and reflect Him by who we are and in the way we act. We want to be dependent on God and honor Him in everything we do.

Community life

Community life for us means that we create a place where people feel welcome and loved. A place where people are able to relax and have a good conversation. A place where we encourage each other and be there for each other. Above all community life for us means that we often visit people at their homes and share life together

Fair sharing

When God blesses us with more than enough, we want to share with an open and cheerful heart that abundance with others who are in need. When we have in abundance, we share abundantly. When we have less, we share what we can. Helping people in need and blessing them as God intended,  that’s what we want.


We want to develop personal, strong and honest relationships. We want to encourage people and stand beside them and make them feel that they are being heard. We want to guide people personally in discovering their uniqueness and deploying their God-given gifts and talents so they can reach their destiny. From here we hope that they will reinvest in others and bring about positive change in their community.


Together we are stronger! Therefore our hearts always go out for working together. Together with other individuals and organizations we can combine our strengths and unique talents in the fight against poverty in any form. Together we can build resilient, self-sufficient and sustainable communities.

Care for creation

We believe that people have a special place within creation. God’s creation has a beautiful order and harmony.  Jesus Himself is full of awe and wonder of creation. The way of Jesus leads us to worship the Creator, but also to change our hearts, habits and expectations and to care for creation. That’s why we want to deal wisely with God’s creation.