Latest news!!

Latest news!!

We have news! The decision is made! We can finally make a start!

Last January the Rombout family has made the decision to go to Malawi! Thanks to your help, there are sufficient financial resources to make a start with Gulugufe in Malawi. Wednesday the 3rd May, the Rombout family will leave their home in the Netherlands to start a new adventure in Malawi. They are really looking forward and are excited to go. Off course they realize that they will be going to miss certain things. But eventually everything has its advantages and disadvantages. These moments are part of the process of saying goodbye.

For now …

For now we will continue to develop a strong home team and  a strong base here in the Netherlands, We will continue to raise more financial support, but also continue further preparations such as shipping still some important things to Malawi!

For now this brief update! When we have more news we will definitely let you know! Furthermore we are very pleased with your involvement and support in our mission to assist and support the needy in Malawi!

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